Book 2 – Disruption


Singularity’s Children Book Two, takes us deeper into an action-packed riot of haves and have-nots; a vivid alternate future filled with Buddhist commandos, stolen Femto-tech, AI Sages and Quantum Consciousness.

A decade after economic collapse sent the world’s governments toppling like dominoes, the corporations are back on top. Their AI farms have relieved society of the drudgery of work, leaving behind a broiling underclass precariat. The Forward governments pacify their rabbles with computer-generated titillation while channeling legions of the desperate into overseas peacekeeping.

Keith’s reduced circumstances, following an impulsive experiment with corporate disobedience, leave him vulnerable to the Battlesuit which was always stalking him.

Niato’s island utopia is an experiment in pan-species cooperation and a beacon for the hacktivist kin assembling their alternate economy.

When Stella is drawn down into the human slime that underlies this new world order, can a vengeful cetacean, a wounded soldier and two exiled hackers save her from the darkness?

Disruption is subversive, fast-paced action. A provocative excursion into a near-future civilization struggling to survive the maelstrom of post-human forces its technology is unleashing.