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“A fantastic, exciting novel…creates an immersive, believable future”
(Amazon review)
“Compelling, hard to put down, thrilling”
(Goodreads review)
“With an eco-terrorist who talks to dolphins through the wonders of modern tech, this dystopian world draws you in and spins you around like a kaleidoscope.”
(Amazon review)
Shockingly good! I have no idea why this series doesn't have hundreds of reviews, because this is the best SF I've read in a couple of years. If you like Hertling or Gibson, you'll love this!
(Amazon review)
Smart and engaging scifi.

Really enjoyed this and will be checking the other books in the series! The near-future world is one that brims both with menace and creativity. Highly recommended!”
(Amazon review)
I highly recommend this for fans of William Gibson, Charles Stross and Richard Morgan.

Toby creates an immersive believable future, and although familiar in a few respects to ground covered by fore mentioned authors this book stands stands shoulder to shoulder with any of the novels they have written IMHO. I'm looking forward to the next book, carry on Toby you're doing great work!

Update 14/06/19
So, I decided to re-read it. On doing so I was surprised as I felt like I was reading a different book, a unique and fascinating observation on the state and direction of our society woven into a fresh and stimulating story. I feel like there are direct parallels to now and to when the story is set just in the few years it has been since I first picked up this novel. The story has a human feel and natural flow to it, the characters are likeable (and recognisable) in their own way. Future-tech is seamlessly integrated in the story as if it’s no less believable than a mobile phone is today, communicating with Dolphins is yesterdays news and AI is an inevitability. I could easily see this made into a film or TV series. The way the individual’s stories evolve and guessing how they will eventually intertwine is very well written and kept me turning the pages. I especially appreciate the fact that the characters are not the usual perfect specimens of humankind for a change, the type you could easily walk past them in the street without a second glance or maybe to avoid! (apart from Niato?). It`s a story of us now and in the near future.”
(Amazon review)
A World like Ours!

This first book in a series (three are published, the fourth under-way) is a blue-print of socio-economic-techno-oligarchic upheaval. It holds a mirror up to the reader, reminding us how we have brought ourselves to a brink, way past boom-bust cycles, to an exhausted state of existence. It is a galaxy not far away at all! In fact, almost at our doorstep; a world quite like ours, some few years ahead of the now. The science is sound, the "tech" is extant and more than believable, the people-and their stories The seemingly unconnected protagonists' storylines evolve into a tapestry of lives in this world of conditions not so distant from ours. In the characters, the reader will recognize either themselves or someone known or heard about. Certainly the science and technology will be recognizable (and their detailed underpinnings absorbing). Although there is darkness in the inevitable dystopian perspective, the author manages to imbue a glow from the various characters' perseverance and adaptability to their rapidly evolving environment and circumstances. One certainly hopes for more than mere survival. In the end, I was happy to know their stories go on!”
(Amazon review)
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