Karana Ocean

The Karana Ocean (aka Infinite Substrate, Karana n-Polytope, Milky Ocean, Causal Ocean) is the fundamental substrate that underlies all mind, energy, information, and matter.

The Karana Ocean can be described as an n-Polytope where ‘n‘ is the lemniscate, infinity (or something close to it). Each face of Karana Ocean is a sea the equivalent of Garbhodaka, the Physical Plane, a Minkowski Space-Time with Mass, Energy, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Each surface, face, facet of the n-dimensional Karana-polytope can be considered as a physical universe, [aka Physical Plane, Temporal Trajectory Assemblage, spacetime, Minkowski Manifold, etc].

An infinity of time can pass on the substrate between events on an any individual surface spacetime manifold.

Minkowski surfaces are causally remote from one another. Surfaces bifurcate when causality is forced to recognize mutually irreconcilable ‘truths’ or using the terminology of quantum mechanics the waveform collapses.

Surfaces are Temporal Trajectory Assemblages or Wheeler-worlds.


The Mahā-Viṣṇu lies down in some part of the spiritual sky by His own free will. Thus He lies on the ocean of kāraṇa, from where He glances over His material nature, and the mahat-tattva is at once created. Thus electrified by the power of the Lord, the material nature at once creates innumerable universes, just as in due course a tree decorates itself with innumerable grown fruits. The seed of the tree is sown by the cultivator, and the tree or creeper in due course becomes manifested with so many fruits. Nothing can take place without a cause. The Kāraṇa Ocean is therefore called the Causal Ocean. Kāraṇa means “causal.”

Sāmeru Mandella
Infinite Substrate

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