(Singularity's Children Book Four)

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Action Adventure and Techno-Utopian Manifesto:

ReImagination is a Hard Science Fiction baked to perfection. A gritty mix of action, technology, vision, all dusted with a dazzling sprinkling of ideas.  More than just a rip-roaring, dam good read, it is a blueprint for a better future.  

 The 21st century is reaching middle age. Installations orbit the Earth and synthetic intelligences rule the digital. The Forwards have destroyed the Mesh. The Thalassocracy of New Atlantis lies shattered, reeling from multiple atomic strikes. Might the dreams of better times have been nothing more than naive, figments of wishful thinking? As the BugNet begins to stir, a few believe there may be hope yet... ReImagination is the final book in an epic story arc which hints at possibilities beyond cynical exploitation, gross inequality, and mass manipulation through industrialised persuasive technologies.

In this final extravagant, action-packed romp, we find out if Niato, the Nebulous Kin, and the internet of animals can carry this vision of a better world to all Singularity's Children.

“Skillfully blends the underlying pessimism of tech-noir with the core optimism of cyberpunk.”

“Shockingly good! ...this is the best SF I've read in a couple of years. If you like Hertling or Gibson, you'll love this!”

“Fabulous imagination and reality. It’s a wonderful story with great characters and objects and scenery.”


The final book in the Singularity's Children series is a fast-paced dash which takes us from the Paleo-jungles of New Atlantis to the orbital Forward stronghold of Prosperity station.

The Singularity's Children Series: As the Third Millennium dawns, the world is slipping beyond human comprehension. Citizens are bewildered and angry; kept in line only by vast programs of computer-driven propaganda. Leaders are in Denial, clinging to the illusions of an idealized past, unable to move beyond corporate greed and political charade. But an emerging movement of techno-optimists can see post-scarcity utopias glittering on the horizon and have started building a collaborative future for all of Singularity's Children...


Technology. Adventure. Hope.


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