(Singularity's Children Book Three)

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Action Adventure and Techno-Utopian Manifesto:

Conflict is compelling and provocative—a romp through the alien landscape of our not-so-distant future...

The fast-paced action ricochets the reader between neon stained riots of urban flesh and idyllic tropical islands where humans and their BugNet companions have built a pan-species utopia. Conflict crackles with the energy of an approaching storm as plutocrats and blue-eyed idealists face off across a planet bristling with micro-nukes, devilish bio-machines, and weaponized hallucinations.

“Skillfully blends the underlying pessimism of tech-noir with the core optimism of cyberpunk.”

“Shockingly good! ...this is the best SF I've read in a couple of years. If you like Hertling or Gibson, you'll love this!”

“Fabulous imagination and reality. It’s a wonderful story with great characters and objects and scenery.”


The Singularity's Children Series: As the Third Millennium dawns, the world is slipping beyond human comprehension. Citizens are bewildered and angry; kept in line only by vast programs of computer-driven propaganda. Leaders are in Denial, clinging to the illusions of an idealized past, unable to move beyond corporate greed and political charade. But an emerging movement of techno-optimists can see post-scarcity utopias glittering on the horizon and have started building a collaborative future for all of Singularity's Children...


Technology. Adventure. Hope.


Direct: best for Android, iOS, Nook or PC. 
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