Singularity's Children:

To make a Utopia, you'll need to break some eggs!

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Singularity’s Children is the tale of a generation born into interesting times. A chronicle of the final decades of humanity’s million year journey.

Early in the Third Millennium, the world is slipping beyond comprehension. Mastery of technology is deepening society’s divides; generating fantastic wealth for a few, but trauma and suffering for many. People are bewildered by relentless waves of boom and bust, kept in line by vast programs of computer-driven propaganda.

A few techno-optimists see past corporate greed and political charade. They dream of a post-scarcity utopia glittering on the horizon—a harmonious future for all Singularity’s Children…

But ancient demons are not easily slain. The world is tired. The internet is dying. Wars ravage the former western democracies. Religions whisper promises of simpler times, while the rising power of the ‘Way Forward’ bewitches with its synthetic siren’s voices.

Against this backdrop plays an epic action-adventure of vivid world-building; a rich fabric, woven from colorful characters—not all human—who draw you into a terrifyingly familiar world of technology, morality and hope.

Frequently funny, often irreverent, occasionally bawdy—Singularity’s Children is a Positive Futurist Science Fiction Techno-Thriller:

It’s that time again

Oct 29, 2020 | Toby

Although my books are set in a neighbouring universe, I did write them to mirror the problems of our own world; mostly so I could play with solutions—I do bill myself as a Techno-Optimist! The ...

Pre-collapse Economics — The Poison

Oct 26, 2020 | Toby

This edition of ‘Monkey Logic’ is Part One of a two-part series on how to fix all the problems of the world… As an experiment, I am also reading these essays on YouTube, let me know what yo...

Kataraa Cockpit

Oct 20, 2020 | Toby

Mentally, I'm out in the Second Belt (aka Kuiper Belt) at the helm of a Kataraa Skiff. It's an old model, a prototype printed on Saloa. It has a hundred years of service and plenty of customization,...


Sep 11, 2020 | Toby

An abusive relationship with a post-human power... I am a moderately successful Science Fiction author. People like my stuff. Reviewers tell me the stories are smart SciFi for intelligent people. My ...

Major Milestone – Neural Lace Demo (Neurolink)

Aug 26, 2020 | Toby

  The Verge: Elon Musk promises demo of a working Neuralink device on Friday The Neural Lace is one of those science-fiction tropes I always felt would announce the onset of the singularity—...

Author-Story Interview

Aug 17, 2020 | Toby

 I sat down last week to discuss Sci-Fi and my books with the AuthorStory blog & channel. Alex, the host, is a massive Sci-Fi fan and we had a super conversation about Sci-Fi, technology, and my...

Toby Weston is a British author and technologist. His first novel Singularity’s Children: Denial was published by LobsterBooks in 2016.

Toby was born in Truro, England. Up until the age of 19, he lived in the fishing village of Mevagissey in Cornwall. After University he took several jobs in the UK, Germany, Austria, and Australia before returning to England to complete a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering at the University of Westminster. After graduation, he joined Logica as a software developer and has worked in IT ever since. In 2006 he took a sabbatical to study Artificial Intelligence and Computational Neuroscience at University of Sussex. He now works in digital transformation and writes Science Fiction novels part-time in Zurich, Switzerland.

He focuses on the genre of hard science fiction, exploring dystopian, utopian and metaphysical themes. His work weaves action with philosophy and though his books are grounded in science, he is prepared to take excursions into the fantastic—exploring artificial intelligence, animal consciousness, quantum ontology, and Vedic mysticism.

Toby enjoys lively discussion with his readers, please mail him or join him on Facebook.

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