Annealed Subjective Synthetic Realities

The Miracle of the Fishes – How Nebulous Consensus can sit five thousand people at a single table…

Consensus algorithms don’t have to obey a single-track conception of reality. In Consensus, you can visit the Pyramids alone, while a million people simultaneously visit those very same Pyramids.

Consenus can clone reality and lay the world-line copies next to one another. It can populate each with its own clique. With some finesse, Consensus can swap participants back and forth between world-lines without disrupting the participants ongoing conversations.

In the Nebulous town-hall events, the N Consensus uses the technique to build fourteen-person groups, chosen based on who is likely to interact with whom. Consensus places each group in a clone of the main conference hall. Hosts, or keynote speakers, will also be cloned and fixed for every synthetic world-line. Conversation will take place simultaneously, in small groups, across hundreds of alternate virtual realities. In this way, thousands can enjoy an intimate conflab with the Klan’s most prominent influencers.

Consensus will broaden a conversation or debate, to escalate an important discussion beyond a single virtual world-line, multiplying important information into something the whole Klan can share. The swapping out is often undetectable. Consensus identifies some people who have not spoken recently and exchanges them for those espousing points of view deemed relevant to the entire consensus.

There will be unavoidable conversational non-sequiturs; people merged mid-conversation who might say or hear strange—out of context—things; but people instinctively and subconsciously gloss over these cracks in reality, making life easy for the consensus annealing software.

…one might wonder how and why this instinct evolved.

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