Codag [Coherence Detection and Graphing]

Codag [Coherence Detection and Graphing]
Also: q-aperture radar
Also: Shaman Scope

A Kin technology which is an extension of ‘Quantum entanglement Fingerprinting’:

War of ReImagination:
q-aperture radar clones and entangles every photon it sends out from its emitter. Each photon arriving at its sensor—for example, the reflection of the q-radar’s beam bouncing off a target—is inspected to ensure it is tagged with the expected entanglement signature. If tags do not match, the photon cannot be a reflection. It must be background noise—or deliberate spoofing—and, as such, will be screened away, ensuring the radar can build a clean image from only legitimate signals.
The current [2045] generation can filter against not only the tags of the emitter, but also any arbitrary ‘entanglement fingerprint’ in the devices cache. Once a target’s signature is locked, signals from everything else will be tuned away. Observation of even heavily stealthed targets becomes trivial against a silent, featureless background.

Saloa: 21545
Codag [Coherence Detection and Graphing] works by incorporating a Zeno architecture zeno’lect within the superposition. The zeno’lect (or potentially a human intellect) is able to build a graph of relationships (edges) between Entanglement Fingerprints (nodes). In some cases when there is enough data available in the graph, it may be possible to extend the information model so that a directed graph with a valid solution for causal relationships can be suggested. Such causal chains are stochastic but certainty improves with additional observations.

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