Electromagnetic Effector (EME)

An Electromagnetic Effector, also known as an EMP or Electronic Warfare weapon, is a device that utilizes electromagnetic radiation to disrupt or damage electronic devices and systems. These weapons can be classified into two categories: High Power (HP) and High-Power Pulse (HPP) weapons.

Man Operable HPP

HP weapons work by emitting a concentrated burst of electromagnetic energy which heats the target and causes ablation, the melting and evaporation of material. This can cause direct damage to electronic systems and can disrupt or destroy the device’s internal components.

HPP weapons, on the other hand, generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse that can induce parasitic currents in electronic devices, which can cause malfunction or destruction of the device’s internal components. This is due to the way these weapons affect electronic devices by generating high voltage or intense current in the target device.

These EME weapons can be used for various purposes, such as disabling or destroying electronic devices or systems, disrupting or jamming communication systems, and even implanting digital viruses in the target through inducing currents in chips and circuitry.

Size and power ranges from compact man operable, to vehicle mounted weapons able to destroy infrastructure and cause widespread blackouts.

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