Mesh Identity Spoofing

A Brain, Body, DNA, MeshID, and Twist can all in specific situations be considered unique identifiers. In fact, the Twist is the only truly unique ID.

The relationship between these is shown:By design a Person should have 1 Twist (soul), 1 Genome (DNA), and one Mesh ID.

If you, for some nefarious reason, need a new Identity, you will need a New MeshID, but a MeshID is linked to a Genome, therefore you will have to pretend that you are your identical twin or the identity they are trying to distance yourself from is a clone.

You may find a way to spoof all Mesh traffic through a proxy so that your head contains nothing more than an aerial that extends the range and spoofs the origin of another persons MeshNode [aka Bug], i.e. the original and rightful owner of the ID. Perhaps you have stuck them in a cupboard and can now pretend to be them. They will need to stay alive so that you can route all Mesh transactions to and from their Bug (MeshNode).
This would be a low tech and brutal way to spoof things. AND the MeshID will not match your actual DNA.

You might instead get some hardware (e.g. a special hat or skull) that emulates a MeshNode to the outside world, has the keys and the ID and cryptographically matches the DNA of your new fake body. Your biological brain could then sit inside the Faraday cage skull atop a new body with a clean identity, and as far as the outside worls is concerend, a clean new MeshNode paired to clean DNA. The skull/hat would proxy all comms in and out through a private channel to your real MeshNode[Bug], swapping IDs but leaving everything else intact. This would be very advanced tech.

Brain <-> DNA

A brain is required for human consciousness. (Full emulations may be possible on suitable hardware.) A brain requires the DNA used to grow it. It is not possible to swap the DNA of an operational brain.

DNA <-> Bug

A bug generates the Mesh ID from a hash of the DNA. A bug will flay a warning if it is running in a brain with modified DNA

Brain <-> Bug

It is very difficult to move a Bug from one brain to another. If the DNA is not the same in the new brain the Bug will raise identity warnings.A transferred Bug will grow into a new brain. Mesh ID contracts will be inaccessible. A new Brain can be grown from a Bug (Bug stores DNA) .

Brain <-> Body

Brains can be transferred between bodies and new bodies grown from DNA (Stored in a Bug).
New Brains can also be grown from Bugs.
Kin Bugs maintain the Twist after death until power is expended.


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