Rakkhasi (Preservers)

Rakkhasi[1] a class of power-seeking beings. The Rakkhasi sprung forth from Brahma promising to protect the waters of creation, but the protection they offer is usually seen as shallow, closed, limiting, centralized, patriarchal. They are often depicted to be man-eaters, acting as embodiments of the powers of evil and are said to consume raw flesh. (Sometimes refered to as The Biters or Nephilim) Malevolent demigods.

The Rakkhasi[2] (Preservers) are said to be a Yatudhana sect which survived the Alluvion. The Rakkhasi are described as Power-seeking beings who percieve exposure to the Plurality as a chaotic and destabalising force. They work to seperate Dünya from the tapestry of the Plurality in order to preserve it as an isolated, inaccessible thread. They oppose the Plurality’s benevolent Devas.

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