*** SPOILERS *** Saloa – Habitat Classes

planet class < 50B
continent class< 1B
region class< 500M
country class < 100M
city class < 10M
district class < 1000K
town class < 100k — 6.2km circumference, 2000m diameter. Length > 1km.
village class < 10K — 450m circumference

Carousel: Smallest Habitat embedded into a larger asteroid – 1.5km circumference, 450m diameter. Ceiling is only a few dozen meters high. There is no ‘outdoors’. Length up to about 100m.

Variant: Min 1.5km circumference, 450m diameter. Length usually > 1km. ‘sky’ is usually a hundred meters or so up and covered in LEDs to mimic clouds and sky. No real outdoors but it does feel like there is because of the LCD.

Drum: Town class: Min 6.2km circumference, 2000m diameter. Length > 1km. Quartz fusion tube in the center gives off light and some heat. Is also the fusion drive. No ceiling.
Surface area: 12,400,000 farm 10% = 1,240,000 can feed about 100K

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