Star Shaman (śramaṇa)

“There is no religion higher than Truth”
“There is no Truth”

The Star Shaman are a cult drawing its member from across the Lok’s many Klans.
It’s initiates dedicate themselves to diving deep into the Karana Ocean.

Star Shaman Progressions:

Sāmaṇera 0th Tier (similar to Aspirant)
Amuesha 1st Tier StarShaman (Soul, unit of consciousness)
Divigamana 2nd Tier StarShaman (Sky Traveller)
Dhiṣṇya 3rd Tier StarShaman (Star)

Ascended Master:

Vargamārga 4rd Tier StarShaman (Road of Heaven)
Deva nth Tier !!NO INFORMATION FOUND!! [“shiny”, “exalted”, “heavenly being”]

According to the Wisdom of the StarShamen, an Ascended Master, who has taken the Fourth Initiation, is capable of crossing bodily between Planes of the Plurality.

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