The Mesh

The Mesh is a tamper-proof substrate designed to provide the foundation of a secure, distributed, rules-based economic system. It is a permissionless cryptographic infrastructure providing network communications, data-storage, and computation. The Mesh’s service token is MeshCoin a scarce digital currency which derives its value from tamper-proof cryptographic algorithms and its monopoly on purchasing Mesh services.

The Mesh is a complex and nuanced system. It’s value  derives from the scarcity of the services it provides, much like the scarcity of gold gives legacy physical currencies their value. To enter the economy, MeshCoin must be mined by participants providing Mesh services, i.e: network data transfer, data storage, or compute services. These rewards provide an incentive for individuals, corporations, and nation-states to participate in securing the system by investing in infrastructure.

The Mesh is a revolutionary technology that acts as a new substrate for our economic system, designed to resist meddling and provide a secure, tamper-proof infrastructure. It is complex and nuanced, offering components such as identity, reputation, assets, contracts, and governance. By utilizing tamper-proof cryptographic algorithms, the Mesh provides an immutable infrastructure and a secure foundation for economic activity.

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