Book 4 – ReImagination

ReImagination: to imagine anew; to form a new conception.

The 21st century is reaching middle age. Installations orbit the Earth and synthetic intelligences rule the digital. The Forwards have destroyed the Mesh. The Thalassocracy of New Atlantis lies shattered, reeling from multiple atomic strikes.
Might the dreams of better times have been nothing more than naive, figments of wishful thinking?

As the BugNet begins to stir, a few believe there may be hope yet…
ReImagination is the final book in an epic story arc which hints at possibilities beyond cynical exploitation, gross inequality, and mass manipulation through industrialised persuasive technologies.

In this final extravagant, action-packed romp, we find out if Niato, the Nebulous Kin, and the internet of animals can carry this vision of a better world to all Singularity’s Children.

Technology. Adventure. Hope.