Book 1 – Denial


Smart, Dark and Witty; a Techno-Thriller with a Science Fiction soul.

Keith knows the 21st century is no place for a moral backbone. Not even a corporate expense account and the occasional synthetic liaison can air-gap him from the blood on his hands.

Niato is recruited into Eco-Terrorism by a radicalized dolphin at his birthday party.

Stella lives above a brothel on a nomadic, floating tuna farm. Her life is brutal and precarious, she needs to find a tribe before she is destroyed by the jaded world around her.

Denial is high-tech adventure in a world of soulless algorithms, psychotic corporations, and floating ghettos. It is the first book in the Singularity’s Children series, an epic story arc which takes the reader from a post-internet, post-collapse dystopia, towards a glittering post-human future.

Hard SciFi–biting, smart and subversive.