Help me with Examples of Humans being Diks

I am writing a story about two travellers visiting our neck of the woods. Our in the broadest sense… they come from a very long way away!

I am looking for amusing anecdotes of people being a-holes to travellers or strangers. Especially when they really didn’t need to be! They do it because they’re a-holes; it’s habit, they are such pathological a-holes that they don’t even consider not taking advantage of someone when they can. Petty pilfering, inappropriate familiarity etc. The more annoying + ridiculous + revealing of that type of human being the better. Nothing upsetting, please! Keep to the annoying, head-scratching end of the a-hole spectrum.

You can imagine the travellers are hitchhiking, or some other form of ad-hoc travelling. Can be anywhere on Earth. Location should not be important. I am interested in humans being dicks generally, no comparison between regions, races, sexes etc.

No promises I will use anything, but any snips I do, I will credit in the book!
True is better, but made up works too (but not taken from other movies or books please!).

Thanks in advance!
(Feel free to comment here or on Facebook, or Twitter.)

Monkey want Banana

I wanted to post this for posterity, to mark a point in history. The mask is slipping, the r/wallstreetbets vs the hedgies phenomenon is the worrisome rattling of another wheel preparing to fall off. I think it was Bill Bur who said r/wallstreetbets is the #MeToo moment for finance.

Social media is disrupting everything it touches. Mobs are realizing the magnitude of the power suddenly at their collective fingertips. Things are speeding too (incomplete list with dubious timeline):

2010 Arab Spring
2017 #MeToo
2020 #BLM
2021 #WSB


As they attempt to retain a grip on society, they are forced to use increasingly heavy-handed and vulgar displays of power:


At the same time I was being spammed by these headlines coming from the MSM, I was browsing the r/wallstreetbets sub and discord.  There was NOBODY saying buy silver… it was entirely manufactured. Reddit was well aware of this even as it was happening:

Anyway, watch this space, things are going to get messy!