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Man can not live from Sci-Fi alone...

At some point in a Science Fiction author's life, they must reluctantly accept that writing books will not pay to put beer on the table.

I have therefore created some merchandise inspired by my Singularity's Children books. All proceeds go towards the "giving up the day job to write full time fund".     ;)

#MMT The Magic Money Tree
(aka Modern Monetary Theory)
Front/backprint T-Shirt.

Bikini vs. Burka
With BHJ's Oppression as a Service, you can set your society's ideology with two simple dials...
Front/backprint T-Shirt.

Monkey Logic.
Front Print ONLY T-Shirt.

Signed Limited FIRST Edition
-with collectable typos!     ;)
Denial, Singularity's Children Book One.
Signed by author
(dedication on request).
($20 + $5 shipping)
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