#BrushTheirTongues #GreatReset


I am a Sci-Fi author. That means I see stuff that is ‘not really there’, or at least ‘not there yet’. I speculate. I go out on a limb. Feel free to put this little rant down to too much cheese, but, to me, something smells bad. It smells bad, bad like fifty thousand satanic murders bad. Q-Anon bad. Pravda bad. Pandemic bad. This is what my fondue-addled brain hears when the ‘relevant global stakeholders’ talk about the coming Great Reset:

The world is sick. Fumes and smoke choke the air; filth scums the oceans. The marinas are full. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a megayacht. The coasts are ruined. What’s the point in a yacht anyway when the bays within helicopter range of an airport are rammed with people? Are we now expected to actually sail our gin palaces and cruise for hours through plastic croutons just to find somewhere to swim? It’s unacceptable. The world needs a hero. A saviour who understands the New World Order of things. People blame us, ‘the rich‘, for the world’s problems, but there have always been ‘the rich‘. ‘The rich‘ can’t be the problem. No, the problem is ‘the poor‘. They are just not poor enough anymore!
Barcelona and Portofino are unbearable in the summer!
Forget about Thailand.

omnisicent PRISM sees all.
omnipresent DISC hides what they shouldn’t see.
omnipotent ????, the sucessor to MKUltra, the third program, the one Snowden never guessed existed, pushes and bends weak human minds…

We model human behaviour in our server farms. We select exquisitely curated messages, tested against digital twins, and deploy persuasion payloads to enact change on individuals and societies.

If we can persuade them to stay indoors, realpeople might be able to venture to Venice or Cannes again. With smoggy charter jets grounded, dare we hope for epic snow under cornflower blue skies? Remember White Turf in St. Moritz?

Our technology is proven. It works; amplifying #MeToo and #BLM were field tests. #facemask was our first deployment in theatre.

If anything the OMNIPOTENT system works too well! We will dial #facemask back now it has served its primary purpose of putting #maga back in its bottle for a few years. But we’ll bring it back as #covid21 when it’s time to enforce biogenetic passports — how else will we record compulsory vaccination? How else to arbitrarily keep them from travelling when our ruse of airport themed trauma parks didn’t do the trick?

But if the poor are too poor to travel, or too broke to entertain themselves with films and trinkets, who will buy the products and services in your portfolios? A fair question, but fear not, quantitative easing, Billionaire UBI (Universal Basic Income), will ensure relevant global stakeholders continue to prosper. After all, it is your duty to be stewards of the wild free places. You are the Burberry clad saviours of the forests; Panerai sponsored custodians of the reefs; Holland & Holland wildlife rangers — in the glorious decades following the #GreatReset, somebody will have to put the poor rhinos out of their misery when their populations explode out of control. It’s simple logic.

We stand before a new golden age. We will repair this broken world. We will clean the beaches, restore the forests, purge the unenlightened from our medieval Mediterranean towns. Some may suggest it is not our right to decide who gets to visit Kyoto in Spring, or Aspen in fall, or Venice… …ever, but remember, many of the poor already enjoyed computer games and staying indoors even before we let OMNIPOTENT fling #facemask at their puny minds!

Snowden leaked us a sprawling web of deity-level information gathering. A vast omniscient apparatus which had previously lurked hidden. Well, we missed what was missing. Omniscience is only one slice of God power. The NSA keeps information compartmentalized. Snowden only saw one omniscient, MUSCULAR god, imprisoned, refracting in vis PRISM below the basements of the NSA; Snowden never found the chamber where they keep the DISC or the other new-Gods…



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