Fossils found on Mars?

Small features have been found on the surface of Mars which are strikingly similar to Earth fossils of ancient worm- and mollusk-like creatures from 500 million years ago.

They may have formed as sediment filled animal burrows with fine particles. On Earth the matrix compressed inside the tunnel mineralizes into rock over millions of years. The ancient burrow casts, usually less than 5mm long, are later (hundreds of millions of years, later) sometimes exposed as the softer rock around them weathers away. They look like tiny squeezes of toothpaste.

“They look remarkably similar to Ordovician trace fossils I have studied and photographed here on Earth.”

“If not trace fossils, what other geological explanations will NASA come up with?”

Stunning to think that Mars might have had oceans swarming with life…

…even more mind-blowing that by extension billions of planets around stars in our galaxy probably still do…

Image via Concept aliens by Ken Barthelmey

Astronomers to Check Interstellar Body for Signs of Alien Technology

It’s not only eccentric Science Fiction authors who dare to speculate on the nature of this 400-meter cigar-shaped interstellar visitor which passed within the orbit of Mercury then grazed Earth, at 15Million miles; before exiting the solar system to destinations unknown…

“The body is now about twice as far from Earth as the sun, but from that distance the Green Bank telescope can still detect transmissions as weak as those produced by a mobile phone. Loeb said that while he did not expect Green Bank to detect an alien transmission, it was worth checking.”

Green Bank telescope

Artist Impression

Actual Spacecraft

Perhaps they were just buzzing us and will now come round to line-up for a strafing run…