Light Saber Wii

Game: VR overlay speks , Wii controller projecting a VR light saber.
When the blades pass through each other they loose power and the ability to cut for a while – maybe they recharge faster when moving fast, but only reactivate after a complete swing. They re-power with a throbbing buzz.
When an enemy is cut down, a VR body remains lying where ever the bits fell.
Then the defeated player becomes a force ghost until the next game. A score is displayed above the force ghost showing his wins and losses.
(What about in 25 years when we make real light sabers, will Lucas own the copyright the patent is based on?)

30,000 Millionaires

Could Alexander, Genghis or Julius have expected to sire 30,000 princes?If today's richest billionaires decided to maximise their fecundity they could produce destabilising numbers of ultra fit offspring. Just offer couples of suitable fitness the chance to raise an additional child. 1Million as a sweetener for the parents, plus a 1Million trust fund for the child.30,000 millionaire children! Elite colleges to educate (indoctrinate) them… A dynasty with some clout!


A micro black hole surrounded by a shell of structural diamond. Nano tubes and quantum dots providing 20th century internet levels of processing power to each molecule sized node.
Varying the radius of the structural node controls the separation of the black holes in the matrix. Charge swapped in and out of the singularity gives precise control over the binding strength of the nodes to each other. Configured for ultimate tensional strength, with event horizons separated by just a few atoms of carbon, it becomes the toughest material in the universe.