Death of the Dinosaurs

Confident of monopoly and interested only in short term profit, big Auto in the 1970s ignored the public swell towards small fuel efficient cars. Delaying the inevitable they slowly lost market share; the Japanese won that one.

Electric cars. All the car manufacturers have vested interests these days – delay, delay – but wait its too late, the barrier to entry has dropped, small companies can now make (or modify) cars that you can plug in.
Bring on home electricity generation. Centralized infrastructure bytes the dust.

I have uploaded.

With my DNA somevody could create the million most likely adult configurations for my brain. Calibrating the simulations against the multi media record of my life – gait analysis, word association, pupil dilation, semantic parsing – it should be possible to fix a probable state vector for everything in my head at some densely represented point in my life.

The more we can help St. Paul the editor the better. The Terabytes chilling in my Ready NAS NV+ are my soul.

The New Machiavellian Agents

The prince of North Korea is one of the few remaining human diplomatic entities. Once it was kings or emperors, then Popes and Prime-ministers. Now we are represented by our own rules.

All the while these Machiavellian institutions are compelled by the fundamental, yet emergent, impetus to evolve. Driven by the current environmental landscape to conserve wealth at the expense of all else.

Already Presidents or CEOs are just the figure heads of huge algorithmic entities; the post human age has begun.

Looking at the behavior of our societies one would notice signs of intentionality. The inferred motives for this observed behavior would certainly differ from the proffered motives of the nominal leaders of those societies. Not all the conspiracies of the herd are ever articulated by any of its members.