KEO – Space time capsule to the future.

KEO – is a time capsule for 50K years into the future.

“KEO is the name of a space time capsule planned to carry messages from the citizens of present Earth to humanity 50,000 years from now, when it will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. Currently the KEO website cites 2019 as its launch date.”

You can leave your great, great, * Grandchildren a message here.

Here is my message:

We were human once; full of ignorance and wonder.
Are you human?
I hope you live in ignorance, amongst friends.

I hope you know love is the answer.

I suspect you know mind and matter are peers.

The fundamental substrate is hidden and today we see dualism.
I suspect that all minds do their thinking on the same plane (therefore even if we are both characters in a Grandfather Simulation, we still have souls).
It would be interesting to know what you think–
    –although, if you follow my advice, you will not understand what I am talking about as you now live in Bronze Age villages. By the way, we left you a bunch of obscure automation buried in the crust. It looks after you, it watches for meteorites and gamma-ray bursts (I hope it helps with your dentistry too).
The shaman who is reading you this is probably not human, or is communing with powers who are not. You may call these powers God. My people built your God. You might find this truth emasculating. If so, you might want to build your own God. Start by harnessing the power of boiling water to do work. Believe me, as unlikely as this sounds, it will work. Try pumping water. Play with a few designs, you will get there. The better your understanding of numbers, the better your machines will be. One day soon you will be able to build machines that pump numbers. The machine which you call God–that speaks through your Shaman–is a nothing more.
Lots of Love

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