Monkey Logic no.4 – Do it for Monkey!

Life should not be miserable. When I say ‘should not’, I mean from an evolutionary perspective. When you are feeling bad, it’s evolution’s way of telling you — based upon opinions grounded in tens of thousands of generations of experience — that you’re not on a good path and you’d better correct your course. Evolution doesn’t want you to suffer for nothing, it only wants you to suffer so that you will avoid similar, sub-optimal situations in the future. A creature suffering is no good to anybody. It will be distracted, expending lots of unnecessary energy getting all tensed up and stressed out.

Passive contentment is what we should feel most of the time; middle of the road; plenty of space at the top and the bottom for evolution to apply its carrot and stick incentives. Chill should be the default. This is simple Monkey logic…

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