NEW BOOK!! — Saloa Published!

Another one in the bag!
Saloa is published and available from Amazon and Gumroad!

The story is set in the same universe (…or plurality/multiverse/continuum, take your pick) as the Singularity’s Children books, but a century or so further into the future:

“In the 22nd Century, humanity has spread across the solar system. From the inner Golden Lands to the frozen Second Belt: klans, kults, and corporations live by a diverging set of laws and norms.

At the edge, descendants of the distributed communities who fought the war of ReImagination, live their best lives, following the ‘Self Evident Truths’—a social pact and warrior’s code.

Responding to a message from her dead husband, forsaking her Klan, compelled by an unassailable sense of what is right, Leimeiê, Tamura and their Zenolect companions must embark on an eleven billion kilometre rescue mission. A voyage from the remote cold of the Second Belt, through the Golden Lands, to ancient, decadent Saloa…”

Product page:

Enjoy! Let me know what you think and please leave a review!


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