Nov 2019 Author Update & Book Four Progress

So here we are. Summer is a distant myth. We had our first frost last night. Clouds hover only inches above my head. It’s claustrophobic and cold…

…perfect writing weather!! 🙂

So here is a short November update:
I am making good progress with book four. Sorry it is taking longer than the previous three! I set myself a challenging task to braid the threads into a satisfying whole. I only recently got everything laid out properly in my mind. Now the only thing left is the relatively trivial task of converting thoughts into ink. (There really should be an App for that!)

If you are the type of cynical person that needs proof 😉
…here is a mock-up of the cover—still very early draft…

…and the Table of Contents. Bold chapters are mostly done.

When the urge takes me, I post shorter writing on Medium. “Anyone for Rat Tartare” (LINK) is dark and necessary, let me know if it is irreverent enough to be amusing too.

On a lighter note, if you fancy a SciFi glimpse at the Future of Work, I gave a nice talk in Berlin (LINK). Audio is a bit sketchy as this was not the live talk.

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