Tech from Singularity’s Children – #BugNet

  A couple of recent articles about animals being smart: Researchers find kangaroos can communicate with people.   …and rats love driving tiny cars.. This one could be straight out of some #BugNet caper with Biggie, Spray, and co!! My prediction, once we put Neuralink / Neural Lace into their heads, they are never going … Continue reading “Tech from Singularity’s Children – #BugNet”

It’s a Negotiation Btches!

  Read below or watch/listen to Broadcast #4 where I read the essay from the bridge of the Sanity Retreat:       The swarming social insects divide up work between castes: Worker Warrior Breeder Like ants and bees, humans are social creatures. We are a little more flexible than termites. We are individually smart … Continue reading “It’s a Negotiation Btches!”