Tech from Singularity’s Children – #BugNet

  A couple of recent articles about animals being smart: Researchers find kangaroos can communicate with people.   …and rats love driving tiny cars.. This one could be straight out of some #BugNet caper with Biggie, Spray, and co!! My prediction, once we put Neuralink / Neural Lace into their heads, they are never going … Continue reading “Tech from Singularity’s Children – #BugNet”

It’s a Negotiation Btches!

  Read below or watch/listen to Broadcast #4 where I read the essay from the bridge of the Sanity Retreat:       The swarming social insects divide up work between castes: Worker Warrior Breeder Like ants and bees, humans are social creatures. We are a little more flexible than termites. We are individually smart … Continue reading “It’s a Negotiation Btches!”

Book 4 – ReImagination

ReImagination: to imagine anew; to form a new conception. The 21st century is reaching middle age. Installations orbit the Earth and synthetic intelligences rule the digital. The Forwards have destroyed the Mesh. The Thalassocracy of New Atlantis lies shattered, reeling from multiple atomic strikes. Might the dreams of better times have been nothing more than … Continue reading “Book 4 – ReImagination”