Sessrúmnir – Klan Karavan Ship [Updated]

“Heatsinks accept entropy from the fusion chambers. Heat pumps push waste energy into the ship’s plasma shells, which are already inflating to enclose Sessrúmnir’s caravan stack in a many-layered spectral shroud. The plasma is held in equilibrium by magnetic flux squeezing against the fluid pressure of the heated plasma. Tiny confetti nano-motes dance within the plasma. They respond to Sessrúmnir’s magnetic coaxing, aligning into pseudo-crystals along curling field lines. As the plasma temperature climbs, Sessrúmnir orients the flakes, silver side in, dark face out, directing radiated heat away from the ship’s hull.”

Sessrúmnir burning within inflated plasma shrouds.



My Initial Concept Scektches:

Art by:
DoFresh –
Mason Rosenquist –
Sophie A. –
Me –

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