Rise of the Vocaloids

Miku, the synthetic J-Pop Hologram Celebrity who packs thousands of frenzied fans into her venues. 

“Miku’s biggest fans show up with wands that can change color with the tap of a button or slider. Colors aren’t just generic red-green-yellow; they’re specifically tuned to the different characters’ shades.” 

“You can watch all of the Hatsune Miku videos on YouTube you want, but their 30 or 60 FPS refresh doesn’t come close to selling what it’s like to see this incredibly rendered vocaloid in the same room.”

“More than a few times, I felt like I had been transported to a terrifying, sci-fi dystopia in which citizens had gathered to pay respects to their robotic overlords.” 

Ars Technica



Unprecedented accuracy and precision in decoding human perception

Plucking images from the stream of consciousness.

This version requires a net implanted beneath the skull. With technology following its usual course the next iteration will be some sort of wearable, and in a few years a Nimrod or AWACs flying overhead will be hoovering up your thoughts.

“Spontaneous Decoding of the Timing and Content of Human Object Perception from Cortical Surface Recordings”