Starship Touch Down!

SpaceX has done it!
I just watched the launch, live, well live for me, like watching a missed football game on the VCR… “Don’t tell me who wins!”

Here it is if you have not seen it yet:

SN10 got a clean launch and stuck a solid landing!
(Judges have to be harsh here, the landing was a little heavy and the dismount a bit listy, I can only give a 4.5)

This is a breakthrough achievement! Future of mankind stuff right here!!

By the way ‘StarShip‘, the rocket’s name, has always bothered me. I mean ‘SpaceShip‘ yes, StarShip… really? A ship that sails to the stars? Bad science niggles me like, bad, puntuation; and spelling riles others (doing my best here!). But it seems that:

“A lightened Starship upper stage, refilled in space, unburdened by fins, heatshield and landing engines could achieve 8km/s deltaV. This might be just enough to boost out of Low Earth Orbit and achieve solar escape velocity of 42km/s… it just wouldn’t get anywhere soon.”

Anyway, not to get distracted…
We won! Mankind!
Take that universe!

With Elon on the bridge of the Starship Humanity, we will beat the evil Paradoxlar from Fermi Prime!

Monkey want Banana

I wanted to post this for posterity, to mark a point in history. The mask is slipping, the r/wallstreetbets vs the hedgies phenomenon is the worrisome rattling of another wheel preparing to fall off. I think it was Bill Bur who said r/wallstreetbets is the #MeToo moment for finance.

Social media is disrupting everything it touches. Mobs are realizing the magnitude of the power suddenly at their collective fingertips. Things are speeding too (incomplete list with dubious timeline):

2010 Arab Spring
2017 #MeToo
2020 #BLM
2021 #WSB


As they attempt to retain a grip on society, they are forced to use increasingly heavy-handed and vulgar displays of power:


At the same time I was being spammed by these headlines coming from the MSM, I was browsing the r/wallstreetbets sub and discord.  There was NOBODY saying buy silver… it was entirely manufactured. Reddit was well aware of this even as it was happening:

Anyway, watch this space, things are going to get messy!