Mind Viruses and Meme AIDS

I just published my first essay on Medium.com. It’s me trying to get down some recent thoughts about the abusive way media interacts with us lately.

Take a look and give me a clap or two if you enjoy it!


“Synthetic memeplexes — advanced, bespoke, hyper-persuasive mind parasites —cost money and are built to achieve a purpose. While their designers have the whole repertoire of human drives, vices, virtues, appetites, empathies, phobias and urges to play with, in practice, to best achieve their goals, the easiest buttons to press are the basest and most animalistic; start with outrage, fear, loathing and gluttony.”


Main Image: BANKSY — THE CAVEMAN, L.A. 2007

DNA Malware compromising DNA sequencing machines

https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/08/researchers-encode-malware-in-dna-compromise-dna-sequencing-software/I actually have a short story in the works about this concept-

 Malware encoded in the genome of a biological virus gets sequenced by a surgery’s diagnosis machine. The malware hacks the diagnosis sequencer, installing a computer virus, which compromises all the DNA synthesis machines it can find on the network. These start printing and churning out copies of the virus, infecting more humans who seek medical help. The infection spreads through two vectors: person to person and digitally. Every infected patient, sequenced by a susceptible diagnosis machine, creates more compromised nodes in the growing botnet… the plague spreads, its dual-mode allowing it to jump all quarantine measures and airgaps thrown up to halt it… nasty.

Everything is a story…

A very interesting article on Larping (Live Action Role Playing) which highlights something buried deep down near the roots of the human condition.

One of the key messages of the book Sapiens is that we live in a world of stories. Companies are stories; countries, currencies, governments, and religions too.

Base reality is physics and chemistry, everything else is a story…

  …even ourselves. This is rarely clearer than in this article.

 “So much of adult life is about LARPing, whether or not people realise it. When you take on a new job, you have to learn how to play that part, you have to learn how to act as that job.”