#top100 #scifi Num:86 At the Mountains of Madness

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Ancient Evil and the Mythos of Alien Gods.
This was written at a time when people were only first realising how terrifyingly old the planet, and the universe, was. What ancient evil and what unspeakable deeds must this planet have witnessed in the countless aeons before we arrived?

H. P. Lovecraft At The Mountains of Madness

Microtubules the “tape archive” of the brain?

Evidence for an unexpected new level of organization in the brain is slowly building. In addition to the possibility that quantum effects may be relevant in cognition, there is also evidence that long term memory is “archived” onto microtubules. Taken together these mechanisms probably increase the complexity required to accurately simulate neuron by a factor of a Million – postponing post-humanity, and delaying the Singularity by thirty years.
Phobias may be memories passed down in genes from ancestors – Telegraph

Cytoskeletal Signaling: Is Memory Encoded in Microtubule Lattices by CaMKII Phosphorylation?