Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicle (WEAV)

A recent prototype for a craft utilising atmospheric plasma propulsion.
I am looking forward to a real flying saucer!

…using a plasma field you could produce lift in any direction, you could change direction quickly and that power could be turned on or off almost instantly…

DAC – Distributed Autonomous Corporations

Without human management Autonomous Corporations will fund their infrastructure with profits from the services they provide.

Each will issue its own currency which will derive value from its exclusive ability to purchase the DAC’s services. The DAC will pay the crowd with its own floating currency to provide servers and networking for its compute and bandwidth needs.

The possibilities are mind boggling. I suspect one day our own minds will be DACs, paying for their computational substrate with back-breaking work in the ‘salt mines’.

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#top100 #scifi Num:86 At the Mountains of Madness

Ancient Evil and the Mythos of Alien Gods.
This was written at a time when people were only first realising how terrifyingly old the planet, and the universe, was. What ancient evil and what unspeakable deeds must this planet have witnessed in the countless aeons before we arrived?

H. P. Lovecraft At The Mountains of Madness