An external womb, will change the nature of human reproduction…

“Once parental roles are equal, there will be no excuse for male-dominated boardrooms or political parties, or much of the other blatant inequality we see today.”

— I wonder if this will turn out to be true. To paraphrase Douglass Adams: Man has always assumed he was better than woman because of high-powered careers; loyalty to sports teams; and the status tokens of cash, clothes and cars. Whereas Woman has always believed she is better than Man for precisely the same reasons…


Searching for this Simulation’s God

Simulation Theory and the scientific pursuit of God.

Elon Musk, Nick Bostrom, Neil Degrasse-Tyson and many others believe the chances that we are living in a simulation is close to 100%.

I don’t think it actually matters whether we are in base reality, a Microverse, Miniverse, or Tinyverse… but you will have to read my books to out find why.

Visualizing a decent life on the moon.

NASA Judged, Moontopia Competition – Winner


These images kind of make me want to sign up as a pioneer…
OK, scratch that. Realistically, I guess I mean write a SciFi story about somebody else signing up.

“The Testlab settlement is based on the idea of the Russian Babushka
Doll — one layer protects the next. On the very inside of the settlement
are the Pods, which inhabit the private sleeping quarters, the communal
rooms, the greenhouse, as well as the experimental labs and the
necessary machinery to sustain life on the moon. Between the pods and
the outer most protective membrane is the void that acts as yet another
protective layer between livable and unlivable space.”



I actually think I like the Runner up even more: 
The moon has abundant resources on the moon… [but] it is has always
had a significant meaning to us, and therefore its original state must
be highly respected and preserved as much as possible
. Therefore we propose a space station not
built directly on the surface but orbiting around the moon with a cable
linked to the surface”