Survival of the Richest!

Funny, spot-on, and morbidly depressing!
We must take this as a call to arms!!

Forget about socialism vs capitalism. Whatever we choose, let’s make sure our societies provide a safety net for these kinds of negative eventualities beyond the individual’s control.

This is why we pay government taxes. Not, as currently, solely to finance the creation of an environment designed to allow psychopathic, homovourous corporations to predate upon the poor and stupid.

The Future of the Workplace – Deep Disruption Part Two

A SciFi author’s perspective on the next decade of corporate change.

How the pre-singularity technologies of Drones, AI, IoT and Augmented Reality will cull old-guard companies and enable a host of new Exponential Organizations…

A slightly updated talk I gave in Spring 2019 in Berlin at the Berlin Digital Workplace Exchange.

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