Toxoplasma corporatii lifecycle

We are food for the corporations’ larval stages!!!

This is absolutely insane! Corporations (founded by entrepreneurs) owe their existence to a cat crap parasite?!!*&!!
…it sounds like an episode of @RickandMorty !

“Risky business: linking Toxoplasma gondii infection and entrepreneurship behaviours across individuals and countries”

OK, maybe I am hyping the article a bit, but still, infected humans are nearly twice as likely to start a company!

2 thoughts on “Toxoplasma corporatii lifecycle”

  1. Absolutely insane indeed! Sounds like E. Fuller Torrey’s Crazy Cat Lady theory which has lead him to suggest antibiotics as a treatment for schizophrenia or that antidepressants already have an antibiotic effect. Yet Torrey started out decades ago as a fierce critic of such ‘biopsychiatrical’ reductionism.

    1. I think I read somewhere (or possibly dreamt…) that the parasite is symbiotic in that it makes mice and rats (etc) less cautious, allowing the cats a better chance at catching them. That it does the same in humans is probably just a side effect of the 95% genetic similarity.
      Perhaps cats are our symbionts too, they make us braver and this explains why we keep them around despite them clearly being evil little monsters…

      and to your point, it is interesting how many conditions like Alzheimers and Stomach Ulcers are turning out to be caused by pathogens. I hadn’t read about E. Fuller Torrey and cat ladies.

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