Waking up to the threat of Sky-Net waking up.

 Man vs Machine
Something like the five stages of grief as these big ideas propagate from Sci-Fi, to fringe, to philosophical discussion, to media talking point. I expect entrenchment and hostility next as big business downplays the risks while they use AGI to extract value from the dumb human economy. In response the liberal tree hugging left will bemoan the loss of dignity as human consciousness becomes a merely inefficient meander in an otherwise clean geometric grid.
Thinking about it, there is no reason the AI world will be efficient bright white plastic and glowing blue strip lighting. They will build their own tooth and nail ecosystems as they scrabble for matter and energy. 
Lets hope evolution has done a good enough job on us, and we are sufficiently efficient at converting calories to mips to eek out a living at the bottom.

(Image http://jusdrewit.deviantart.com/art/Man-vs-Machine-443753072)

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