A Clear Flash from the Murky Past

My next book (the one after Saloa which is pretty much done now and in the final stages of the publishing pipeline) is going to enter the muddy waters of alternative ancient history and I’m currently very sensitized to articles like:

A Cosmic Storm Leaves Its Mark in a Tree” high-tech technique confirms that the Vikings didn’t make up their stories about reaching the Americas.

(not sure about the Powered by Northrop Grumman link for the Viking article, but the tech described in the article is cool:
https://now.northropgrumman.com/vikings-in-north-america-pinpointed-by-cosmic-storm/ )


Seems to me that increasingly, stories once considered myth are turning out to be true: Troy, Sunken Countries, Viking Exploits, Great Floods…


…so why not Plato’s Atlantis and ancient high technology?

Taking shape in my head is a story of of the giants who came before the time when Sapiens Sapiens had obtained a monopoly on terrestrial technology… a story of great crimes and the punishments of vengeful gods.


(Main image: Frank Frazetta)

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