Betelgeuse about to go Supernova?

Betelgeuse is still dimming, possibly a sign that it’s collapsing in on itself and is getting ready to go Boom!

Comparison shows Betelgeuse in Jan and Dec 2019. It has already dimmed by nearly 40%.

The star is a red supergiant in the constellation of Orion aprox 600 light years away and about 20 times as massive as the sun.

The last supernova in our galaxy was in 1604, so this is a pretty big deal.

If it does go bang, it will be as bright as the moon, but with all the light squeezed into a single point. Something like this:

and eventually we will see the shrapnel and gas:

Betelgeuse was also identified with Osiris by the ancient Egyptians:

“…until that day Osiris lives in the Duat, where he rules the Dead wisely and nobly as he ruled the living when on earth.
For though Horus fights with Set and the battles rage furiously, yet the decisive victory is not yet accomplished, and Osiris has never returned to earth again…”

Not a bad way for a race of visitors to mark a date in our calendar:

“By the way, we’ll be back when the red star winks then burns…”


Deep Disruption – The 2020’s

I’m just back from the SwitchOn event in Stockholm, Sweden.

As promised I’ve uploaded the slides and audio.
Here is a recording made on the day, sadly very poor audio:


If you really can’t stand the sound quality, here is a version I uploaded a few days before:

My Whereabouts – 2020

2020 is looking to be a busy year! Here’s a quick update on my whereabouts this year (or at least the first half). I am continuing my ‘Deep Disruption‘ series of talks where I mix up ‘Enterprise Digital Transformation’ with ‘Near Future Techno-realism’.

First up, I will be speaking at SwitchOn in Stockholm on 13th Feb:

“Deep Disruption – How Business can Survive the coming ‘Great Global Weirding’.
The 2020’s are set to be the decade of backlash. The first Millennials will be turning forty. Gen-Z will be shaking the gates. Negative Interest Rates, Modern Monetary Theory and Universal Basic Income will disrupt the very concept of money…

What does it all mean for the successful enterprise wishing to navigate the next decade?”

On 13th May I will be heading to London to give the opening Keynote at the EDW Conference:

“A SciFi author’s perspective on the next decade of corporate change.
How Drones, AI, IoT and Augmented Reality will shake up the workplace and enable a generation of new Exponential Organisations.”

Then from 21st-23rd May I will be at Fantasy Basel, where I am planning on presenting:

“Deep-Fakes, Propaganda-Bots, Robo-Bosses, Mirror World, and more! The 2020’s – they gonna be weird!
As we enter the 3rd decade of the 3rd Millennium we find ourselves slipping closer to technology’s event horizon. Toby Weston—author of Big Idea Hard Science Fiction—talks about what to expect from the ‘Pre-Singularity’ years ahead and how his books chart a course through the Deep Disruption towards our glorious glittering future…”



If you are about in these cities around these dates, let me know. I try to walk the tightrope between ‘Enterprise appropriate content‘ and ‘wacky speculative futurism‘ but the corporate talks might be a bit dry for most of you SciFi fans. In any case, I’ll take the best of the more futuristic and light-hearted stuff into my Fantasy Basel talk. Hope to see you!