Saloa caravan ship architecture

The Kin ships in the Plurality share a common architecture, with a ‘Spindle’, to which banana habitat modules are attached and attachment points for ‘Kataraa’ which provide the ‘Caravan Stack’ with thrust.

Sessrumnir 2110 Boost Phase
Sessrumnir 2110 Coast Phase

Modormen 2180 Battle Group

During the ‘thrust phase’, the habitat modules are fixed, parallel to the Spindle. During ‘coast phase the habitats detach and rotate with the spindle to create centrifugal gravity.


I haven’t added any additional info on  the ship entries yet (no-spoilers before the book is out!!) but here are the links to the Member Area glossary:



Tech from Singularity’s Children – Meddling with Mosquitos

I incorporate a lot of ‘fun’ technology into my books, every now and again, some of it leaks out into RL:
Miraculous’ mosquito hack cuts dengue by 77%

The REVOBS act pays species for the work they do (in #MESHCOIN of course!)
Bees clearly deserve to be paid for their pollenation work… but what about mosquitos?

A scene in Denial (Denial Book One) has the lawyer for the Mosquitos not entirely happy with a new technology that makes his clients allergic to human blood…

Money Printer Goes brrrrrr….

Sometimes I post a Blog entry as a bookmark in reality so that I can look back in a few years and remember…

This does not look sustainable to me. The party is going to end soon.
What comes next?

The 2008 crash is what set me to writing Singularity’s Children.
I think I got a lot right, but the new signs of the end-times have me thinking again:

Will it be crypto?
Will it be gold?
Will it be ammo? What will it be?