Money Printer Goes brrrrrr….

Sometimes I post a Blog entry as a bookmark in reality so that I can look back in a few years and remember…

This does not look sustainable to me. The party is going to end soon.
What comes next?

The 2008 crash is what set me to writing Singularity’s Children.
I think I got a lot right, but the new signs of the end-times have me thinking again:

Will it be crypto?
Will it be gold?
Will it be ammo? What will it be?

PaleoPunk Novel

If I’ve gotten a bit behind on my social media these last couple of weeks, it’s because I was away, researching an upcoming Paleo-Punk novel.

By the way, I had the ‘ronna over XMas so was no risk to myself or others while travelling. I had swabs up the nose at every stop just in case!

I thought I might have coined a genre there, but it seems there is a dormant #PaleoPunk hashtag on Twitter. If you want an idea of my take on PaleoPunk, think the Flintstones, without dinosaurs, written by a hybrid of Larry Niven and Dan Brown.



A cup of tea

Pyramid of Djoser (the one from Ghostbusters).


An Englishman

Pyramid of Khafre

Serapeum of Saqqara – Apis Bulls my [email protected]! – These boxes are just silly! 80 tons each. Made of single blocks of granite. I have my own thoughts on the purpose of these incredible objects…

A gateway…

Impossible stonework

I have the broad-brush, background worldbuilding for this new novel:

Take a look and let me know if you would like to read a book set here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Starship Touch Down!

SpaceX has done it!
I just watched the launch, live, well live for me, like watching a missed football game on the VCR… “Don’t tell me who wins!”

Here it is if you have not seen it yet:

SN10 got a clean launch and stuck a solid landing!
(Judges have to be harsh here, the landing was a little heavy and the dismount a bit listy, I can only give a 4.5)

This is a breakthrough achievement! Future of mankind stuff right here!!

By the way ‘StarShip‘, the rocket’s name, has always bothered me. I mean ‘SpaceShip‘ yes, StarShip… really? A ship that sails to the stars? Bad science niggles me like, bad, puntuation; and spelling riles others (doing my best here!). But it seems that:

“A lightened Starship upper stage, refilled in space, unburdened by fins, heatshield and landing engines could achieve 8km/s deltaV. This might be just enough to boost out of Low Earth Orbit and achieve solar escape velocity of 42km/s… it just wouldn’t get anywhere soon.”

Anyway, not to get distracted…
We won! Mankind!
Take that universe!

With Elon on the bridge of the Starship Humanity, we will beat the evil Paradoxlar from Fermi Prime!