Clearly, AI will require UBI.

CBDC + UBI according to the plans of the current PTB [Powers That Be] are intended to rearrange the deckchairs, not commission a new ship.

UBI will pay all the gov printed money directly to the people, rather than letting banks be middlemen. This has the potential to allow smart UBI recipients to accumulate wealth by investing in gold, BTC, land, or stocks… this is not the purpose of UBI for the current PTB.

They plan for CBDC to be limited in what it is convertible to. It will also have an expiry. Your ‘retail CBDCs‘ will not be convertible to assets. A retail CBDC’s purpose is to be spent, not saved.

I see this as a direct measure to limit the social mobility that pumping all the money into the bottom of the system will create.

Any hope must come from organising ‘Power to the People’. We will need to vote, protest, or in some other peaceful way, forcibly demand participation in governance of the AI windfall.

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