NAUTILUS-X Spaceship

I just found this while looking for inspiration for the Forward’s Prosperity space station that features in Book Four of my Singularity’s Children series.

The Nautilus-X (Non-Atmospheric Universal Transport Intended for Lengthy United States Exploration) is intended for long-duration exo-atmospheric space journeys.

I love it!


And there is even an ISS Demonstrator mission.. .which will probably never get off the ground with NASA, but maybe Musk (or Putin) can build it instead…

7 thoughts on “NAUTILUS-X Spaceship”

    1. The vessel has a propulsion integration collar for ‘mission specific’ propulsion units. I think you are right, for a quick manned burn to Mars they might need something with more oomph!
      (I think magneto or electric is shown)

  1. I think it should be noted that low gravity environments for a time will be necessary for long trips as zero g ones would cause notable health risks. Namely muscle atrophy, radiation exposure, and believe it or not loss in motor functions. Fluids in the body may become more proficient in the skull and can cause blindness among other problems. A low g environment for say a trip to mars might mitigate these effects. It won’t be the exact gravitation pull as earth but some is better than none.

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