Major conspiracy theorists propose that problem–reaction–solution (PRS) functions as a mechanism for constructing and exaggerating social problems to garner populist support for the implementation (imposition) of laws that society would normally deem unacceptable.

I am not a Major Conspiracy Theorist. Obviously, I reject the idea that dubious mechanisms are deployed to shape the norms of society. If one were to check with trusted and authoritative sources such as the BBC or CNN, I am sure they will confirm that such thoughts are nothing more than the debunked, paranoid, anti-establishment ramblings of the mentally ill…

Having made my position clear, I will note that the ground has shifted significantly over the past two years as we have moved inexorably towards an authoritarianism unthinkable only months ago. We must accept the expansion of powers by governments across the world as a valid, measured, response to a real threat. The crushing physical force and psychosis-inducing social pressure being applied must be the last resort to avert a greater harm. We are forced to accept this because anything else would be simply unthinkable.

The Overton Window

However, keeping just one eye open to the possibility that the PTB are at it again, perhaps we can draw lines in the sand going forward to ensure that we are not caught off guard by the kind of mass social psychosis that tends to sweep through every century or so. For example, wouldn’t it be suspicious if our governments were to take the temporary powers granted for this emergency and make them permanent, or even expand them and apply them to other long felt thorns in the side of centralized power?

Two ‘tells‘ that spring into my mind which might hint at nefarious motives might be:
Vaxxine passports morphing into Social Credit
Game plans for biological pandademics spreading into cyberspace

For me, alarm bells will start ringing if governments suggest coupling use-cases for social credit, such as central-bank digital wallets or carbon credit accounts into our digital Vax IDs. I will feel the same if I start hearing language like ‘devices of concern’, ‘internet lockdowns’, or ‘digital quarantine’…

If you are familiar with my books, you will know that I believe strongly in freedom and decentralization.
CypherPunk and OpenSource are two lights in the darkness.
Let’s hope Linux-user never becomes a social stigma like antivaxxer.

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