Reddit: ‘Ask Me Anything’

I (/u/2oby) will be doing an ‘Ask Me Anything’ this Friday on Reddit Self Publish. Join me >> here << NOW!

I will be answering questions on writing and Sci-Fi.

“I am Toby Weston, software by day, positive-futurism by night. I’m writing my fourth book: Hard Sci-Fi, with dolphin Eco-terrorists, Sentient AIs, and an Internet of Animals. AMA!”

I will be uploading the transcript here afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Reddit: ‘Ask Me Anything’”

  1. Greetings,
    Happy to hear you will be on Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ in a few hours answering questions. I intend to log on. However, should I not be able to do so, here are some questions in advance:
    In your Singularity’s Children series, the creation of seemingly unconnected storylines evolve into a tapestry of lives in a world in time not so distant from ours. The style engages the reader in so many ways, not least of which is the wonder at the wide array of tech tools. I understand that all that tech has basis in existing science, and there is much (of that tech) that already exists or is nascent.
    1. What would you consider the most outlandish tech scenario?
    2. Where do your ideas for your protagonists and their different lives come from?
    3. Do you imbue personal traits in the various characters? And, if so, is it by design or does the writing just organically summon personal attributes?

    Hope to be there 🙂

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