DNA Malware compromising DNA sequencing machines

https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/08/researchers-encode-malware-in-dna-compromise-dna-sequencing-software/I actually have a short story in the works about this concept-

 Malware encoded in the genome of a biological virus gets sequenced by a surgery’s diagnosis machine. The malware hacks the diagnosis sequencer, installing a computer virus, which compromises all the DNA synthesis machines it can find on the network. These start printing and churning out copies of the virus, infecting more humans who seek medical help. The infection spreads through two vectors: person to person and digitally. Every infected patient, sequenced by a susceptible diagnosis machine, creates more compromised nodes in the growing botnet… the plague spreads, its dual-mode allowing it to jump all quarantine measures and airgaps thrown up to halt it… nasty.

Forget Software—Hackers Are Exploiting Physics

Dumb humans are discovering these exquisite exploits in the machines we have made.

I wonder how long it will take for our machines to find the exploits in their makers…

The Wikipedia has more:

(And by the way, Row Hammer would be an awesome name for a rock band!!)