Absolutely FABulous – Teething Troubles for the Fully Autonomous Business

The FAB (Fully Autonomous Business), or DAC (Distributed Autonomous Corporation), is the self organising cloud platform of the future.

Based on Block Chain technology the FAB will implement a set of algorithms. Running, the algorithms will provide a service which creates value. The FAB uses this value to compensate those that provide its compute and network infrastructure.

As customers leverage its services it will grow.

It will incentivise the market to expand its infrastructure; concretely this will be people downloading and running its client.

It will scale and expand while demand grows.

A service like AirBnB is a good candidate for FABification. The company owns non of the objects it manages (properties), it only owns (or leases) the data centres it runs on. Re-implemented as a FAB the crowd, rather than the cloud, could provide the infrastructure.

It will be a huge challenge to build this right, but also another opportunity to build back in some of the fairness and friendliness, of the early internet; before it got all filled up with SpamBots and Shills.

Teething Troubles:

Gartner calls them Autonomous Business, and has a good article too:

Image: PAVEL KOLOMEYETS –  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ql08