Free Gold

Negative interest rates, wholesale printing of currency, paper commodity markets a thousand times oversubscribed, unsustainable national debts and pointless austerity…
…any sane person must look at the financial system of the world as it currently stands and wonder how the hell this is all going to end.
But it’s OK. They big boys know what they are doing. 
There is an audacious plan to reset the global financial machinery. 
Its been running for over a decade. 
Some call it FreeGold:

Odious Debt

“The rising tide of debt cannot be explained by a rising tide of laziness or irresponsibility. The debt is systemic and inescapable. It isn’t fair, and people know it.”

“Radical proposals such as these bear in common a recognition that money, like property and debt, is a sociopolitical construct. It is a social agreement mediated by symbols: numbers on slips of paper, bits in computers. It is not an immutable feature of reality to which we can but adapt. The agreements that we call money and debt can be changed. To do so, however, will require a movement that contests the immutability of the current system and explores alternatives to it.”