Brain Scanning will deliver Thought Crime OR Mental Superpowers

“Amazingly, in just a single 13-minute session participants learned to easily [mentally] control the size of the flame and were able to reduce their pain by over 50%”

I am less optimistic than this article is. Not about the technology, which seems solid, but in Singularity’s Children, Spex are ubiquitous and the scanning and insights they deliver are used by governments to sell ideology, rather than by the wearer to elevate consciousness. 

Brain Interfaces – Fiction becoming fact.

A brain implant which restores vision by stimulating the cortex directly, entirely bypassing lens, retina and optic nerve!

This is basically the tech used by Spex in my Singularity’s Children books.

So Long and Thanks for All The Fish

Dolphins talk to each other in complete sentences.

One of the key ‘Science Fiction’ themes in my Singularity’s Children series, is that animals are much smarter than we generally assume. 
Teach a parrot to talk and it has surprisingly clever things to say. 
It seems unfair that an animal has to first learn our language before sitting its IQ test.
I am convinced that animals will sound smarter in their own languages, just as my kids tell me I come across as a dimwit when I speak in German.