DAC – Distributed Autonomous Corporations

Without human management Autonomous Corporations will fund their infrastructure with profits from the services they provide.

Each will issue its own currency which will derive value from its exclusive ability to purchase the DAC’s services. The DAC will pay the crowd with its own floating currency to provide servers and networking for its compute and bandwidth needs.

The possibilities are mind boggling. I suspect one day our own minds will be DACs, paying for their computational substrate with back-breaking work in the ‘salt mines’.

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Free Gold

Negative interest rates, wholesale printing of currency, paper commodity markets a thousand times oversubscribed, unsustainable national debts and pointless austerity…
…any sane person must look at the financial system of the world as it currently stands and wonder how the hell this is all going to end.
But it’s OK. They big boys know what they are doing. 
There is an audacious plan to reset the global financial machinery. 
Its been running for over a decade. 
Some call it FreeGold: